Sergey Yekhanin:  publications

  • "Differentially private fine-tuning of language models"  with Da Yu, Saurabh Naik, Arturs Backurs, Sivakanth Gopi, Huseyin Inan, Gautam Kamath, Janardhan (Jana) Kulkarni, Yin Tat Lee, Andre Manoel, Lukas Wutschitz, Huishuai Zhang
    • ​Proceedings of International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2022.

  • "Evaluation of estimates for standard learning information in pattern recognition problems" with Anna Kochetova
    • Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, vol. 42, Issue 3, pp. 419-423, 2002.

  • "Some new constructions of optimal superimposed designs"
    • Proceedings of International Conf. on Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory (ACCT), pp. 232-235, 1998.